~Bidding Over Preempts

Point Count Requirements: (some bridge writers recommend 13,16,19 pts.)
~2-Lvl: 13 points
~3-Lvl: 15 points
~4-Lvl: 17 points

2NT over a weak two shows the strength of a 1NT opener with stoppers in the enemy suit.

3NT over a 2-lvl or 3-lvl preempt is to play.

Suit Requirements for “double.” (direct seat)
~Over a diamond preempt: at least 3 cards in each side suit (at least 4 cards in one major).
~Over a heart/spade preempt: 4 cards in the other major & at least 3 cards in each minor.
Suit requirements for overcall: (direct seat).
~Good 5+-card suit (preferably 6)
Immediate Cue-Bid of opponent’s preempt: (2H-3H)
~When you may be able to make SLAM opposite 8-10 points in partner’s hand; that is, you have the strength of an opening 2C. Responder bids until a game contract of 3NT is reached or until a suit fit is found.
With a three-suited hand, double.
With a 2-suited hand, double. If partner bids 2NT (Lebensohl), bid to show both suits as cheaply as possible.
Balancing After a Preemptive Opening:
~With 13+ points and shortness in opener’s suit, DOUBLE. Partner may then pass with points and a trump stack and will make a TRAPPING PASS.
~Do not double with shortness in an unbid major suit.
~Overcall with hands of sufficient strength but unsuitable in distribution for a double.
Doubles and Overcalls of Higher-Level Preempts:
~Be wary of overcalling or doubling 4-lvl preempts in clubs or diamonds. Your potential loss is too great when measured against the enemy’s part score–they are not at game.
~Over 4S/5C/5D, doubles are primarily for penalty and should be predicated on high cards, not trump tricks. Then, if partner bids due
to a freakish hand, you have support.
~Double of a 4-lvl preempt through 4H is a 3-suit takeout with 4 of the other major or at least 4-3 in the majors if both are unbid.
~4NT over 4H is a takeout in the minors
~The takeout over 4S is 4NT, showing a strong 3-suited hand. Partner makes his best 5-lvl bid.


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