~Smolen and Dutcher Hands


Your partner has opened 1NT. What is your bid holding these hands?

1. S JT765 H QT876 D T8 C 6
2. S AT765 H AQ876 D T8 C 6
3. S QT765 H KQ876 D T8 C 6
4. S AQ765 H KQ876 D T8 C 6
5. S JT76 H QJ876 D T8 C 64
6. S AT76 H QJT87 D T85 C 5
7. S A765 H QJT87 D J85 C 5
8. S A765 H KQJ76 D J85 C A

1. You are too weak to use Dutcher. Bid Drop Dead Stayman (2C and pass a major or bid 2H over 2D to show 5-5 shape in the majors and a weak hand).
2. Here you have game-going values and 5-5 shape in the majors. Tell partner both shape and strength by bidding 3S. Opener will play in 4 of a major unless he opened 1NT with doubletons in both majors.
3. With this shape and only 7 HCP, you nevertheless have a play at game in one of the majors. Partner could pass your 3H bid but not a 3S bid.
4. Bid 3S and when opener goes to 4H or 4S, ask for keycards to make a slam try.
5. In the modern style, give partner a chance to play in the best major suit fit rather than transfer into hearts by bidding 2C. Pass a 2H or 2S response. Over 2D, bid 2H (Drop Dead Stayman). Opener will pass 2H (or “Drop Dead) unless holding only 2H. With 2H, partner will bid 2S and you will pass.
6. You want to be in game somewhere. Smolen presents the best chance of getting into the right strain. Bid 2C and raise a major-suit response to four of that suit. If opener responds 2D, jump in the short major—bid 3S. Partner will pick a 3NT or 4H contract and will be declarer, with the stronger hand hidden.
7. With 5-4 shape in the majors and only invitational points, transfer into the 5-card major and then bid the 4-card major at the cheapest level. Partner will recognize the strength and shape and pick the final contract.
8. You anticipate a slam contract, probably in a major. Bid 2C; if opener shows a 4-card major, bid 4NT or cue-bid your ace of clubs. If opener bids 2D, jump in spades (the short major); when partner selects game in a strain, make a slam try.


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